High Security and Standard Blank Check Stock

Custom made to our specifications!

Our blank check stock is not the generic stock offered by other vendors. We custom built our check stock to our own security specifications. The check stock itself is 24# paper stock (versus thinner and lighter plain 20# copy paper). Our high security blank check stock contains 20 security features including a hologram, heat sensitive icon, and multi-color background. Our standard blank check stock contains 12 security features and eight different color background options (blue, green, teal, maroon, tan, black, black/gold, and rainbow). Checks work with your MICR toner printers.

Orders ship out the same day if ordered before 12:00 pm PST! And shipping is always free!

We also carry a full line of snug fitting, security tint companion envelopes.

HIGH SECURITY BLANK CHECK STOCK: 20 security features (click to view sample)

  1. Foil Hologram with Security Pattern
  2. Heat-Sensitive Icon (Thermochromic Ink)
  3. True In-Paper Fourdrinier Watermark
  4. Invisible Fluorescent Fibers
  5. Red/Blue Visible Fibers
  6. Ultraviolet Dull Paper
  7. Toner Adhesion (Tonerfuse® Ii Coating)
  8. Chemically Sensitive Paper
  9. High-Resolution Border
  10. Microprint Border
  11. Colored Pantograph
  12. Prismatic Multi-Color Background
  13. Warning Band of Security Feature Highlights
  14. "Original Document" Security Screen on Back
  15. Washbox
  16. Microprint Endorsement Lines
  17. Mobile Deposit Checkbox
  18. Laid Lines on Back
  19. Padlock Icon on Back
  20. List of Security Features on Back

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STANDARD BLANK CHECK STOCK: 12 security features: (click to view sample)

  1. Tamper Resistant Paper
  2. Chemically Sensitive Paper
  3. Invisible Fluorescent Fibers in Paper
  4. Microprint Border
  5. "Void" Pantograph Background on the Check Face.
  6. Colored Background in the Check Face
  7. Warning Band of Security Feature Highlights on Check Face
  8. "Original Document" on Back of Check
  9. Security Screen on Backer
  10. Mobile deposit checkbox on backer
  11. Padlock Icon on Backer
  12. Warning Box of Security Features on Backer

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Prices start at just $39 for 500 standard checks including shipping! Our high security checks start at $89 for 500. To order, just visit our Blank Check Stock page and choose your color and check placement (top, middle, or bottom). You can also call us at 855.460.5553.