Our high security business checks are custom designed and feature 22 security features including foil hologram to better protect you from check fraud. We created an exceptionally secure document by combining in-paper elements layered with on-paper features. Our high security check stock meets or exceeds the ANSI Paper Specifications for checks. Security features include:

  • Foil Hologram with Security Pattern
  • Heat-Sensitive Icon (Thermochromic Ink)
  • True In-Paper Fourdrinier Watermark
  • Invisible Fluorescent Fibers
  • Red/Blue Visible Fibers
  • Ultraviolet Dull Paper
  • Toner Adhesion (Tonerfuse® Ii Coating)
  • Chemically Sensitive Paper
  • High-Resolution Border
  • Microprint Border
  • Microprint Signature Line
  • Padlock Icon on Face
  • Colored Pantograph
  • Prismatic Multi-Color Background
  • Warning Band of Security Feature Highlights
  • "Original Document" Security Screen
  • Washbox
  • Microprint Endorsement Lines
  • Mobile Deposit Checkbox
  • Laid Lines
  • Padlock Icon on Back
  • List of Security Features

View a sample high security check.

Read a detailed description of all 22 security features. We also offer high security blank check stock!

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